David Fincher has used VFX extensively in his films, which should really come as no surprise as one of his first major gigs was working for ILM. While many films use these effects to create spectacle, Fincher often uses them for practical purposes, as you can see in this fantastic breakdown from the team at Artemple (click on the image below to watch the breakdown or go here):

Gone Girl Artemple VFX Reel

And here's more from Artemple:

Fincher's productions, like many in Hollywood, make extensive use of sound stages in order to have more control over the image and sound. While this obviously makes shooting easier in plenty of ways, it does mean that a ton of compositing has to be done anytime there are windows or open doors in the frame. Gone Girl had quite a few VFX shots, and made extensive use of Adobe's tools in order to maximize their productivity:

There are a ton of seamless VFX shots in many of Fincher's recent films, including his last movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:

Which shots surprised you the most in the reels above? Have you had to do any of this in your own work?

Source: Artemple Gone Girl Reel