However this one by 12FPS, which showcases the Sony PXW-FS7, an internal 4K shooting camera with a Super 35mm sensor, puts a creative spin on the usually stodgy tradition of people documenting the process of taking new gear out of the box it was shipped in. In fact, the video might remind you of how it feels to unbox a brand new camera.

Join the party and check out 12FPS' unboxing video below.

Okay, technically this video is less about unboxing the FS7 than it is about showing what 60 fps looks like in 4K, so really it's a test footage video -- packed inside an unboxing video. (There's some kind of 'ception joke to make here, but -- I don't -- really wanna -- go there.) That was one of the features of the FS7 that excited indie filmmakers, 4K at 60 fps, but there is also its large Super 35mm sensor, internal 4K, 14 stops of latitude (similar to that of the ARRI ALEXA and the super sensitive Sony A7s), and a price tag of $8,000, which isn't terribly expensive for all the stuff you're getting. It's currently available on B&H.

If you're interested in learning more about the FS7, reading specs, watching test footage and more unboxing videos, check out our coverage here.

Source: 12FPS