Who better to direct this piece on Cambo, a 21 year old kid who spent years living in the backwoods of Alabama after his parents divorced? There are times when I too just want to go to the forest and blow shit up. This kid actually does it, and proves worthy of the name "The Legend of Cambo."

What I love about Korine is his undying interest in the outsider sensibility. He's fierce in his ability to unearth (for me) some of the strangest and most beautiful moments in cinema. He's not afraid to romanticize the misunderstood, the illegal, the incomprehensible, the looked-down upon — and because of this he brings a unique life to each of his subjects. He blurs the line between documentary and fiction, contrasts bizarre imagery with calming soundscapes, and elevates the image to a new place.

A video worth sharing again, here Korine talks about the beauty in failure and his 2013 film Spring Breakers:

What do you think of The Legend of Cambo?

Source: Harmony Korine's 'The Legend of Cambo'