Enter the CAMpanion, a mounting solution for the GoPro that is currently on Kickstarter.

This device lets you easily mount any GoPro anywhere, including any smartphone to allow you to see and review everything you're filming. It seems like a straightforward, practical, no frills kind of tool -- and it is (it's basically just a mounting plate with adhesive) -- but it lets you use your GoPro in new, pretty exciting ways.

First of all, of course, you can mount it to any flat surface:

Not only that, but the CAMpanion team notes how you can make interesting action/reaction videos with just the one smartphone/GoPro/CAMpanion setup:

But this is why I think it reached its Kickstarter goal so quickly -- by mounting your GoPro to the CAMpanion, you can use the GoPro app to turn the whole thing into a camera that you can control and handle easier, while being able to see what you're shooting. Furthermore, not only can you utilize your smartphone's onboard flashlight, but the cold shoe mount gives you the ability to add accessories to your little setup.

Here is the list of features and benefits of using the CAMpanion:

  • Comfortable Live Viewing: Use your GoPro and smartphone together as one unit so that you can easily follow and capture the action. 
  • Basic Lighting: use your smartphone flashlight to light up the shot, or attach additional lighting (or other accessories) to your CAMpanion’s cold shoe mount to see and hear even more.
  • Comfortable Handheld Grip: The size of the CAMpanion is ideal for a comfortable handheld grip, which allows you to get a more stable grip of the camera, and produce more stable shots.
  • Action & Reaction Videos: With the CAMpanion you can use your GoPro to catch the action while using your smartphone to catch your reaction.
  • Portability: Fits in your pocket so you can easily take it anywhere.
  • Comfortable Viewing Angle: Rest your smartphone on a table at a perfect viewing angle.
  • Universal Compatibility: Fits with all smartphones and tablets (or any other flat surface) 

Iphone4The CAMpanion can be used with the GoPro app to allow you to see what you're filming.

Iphone6The CAMpanion can be used with any smartphone, including an iPhone 6.

Galaxi_miniOr a Galaxy Mini.

Note4Or a Galaxy Note 4. (You get the idea.)

You can purchase one of these bad boys for $30 on the CAMpanion Kickstarter page, however you may not want to wait to buy, since they're actually being offered at a 25% discount for the remainder of the campaign. So, expect to pay $37.50 after March 28th. Delivery is expected to begin in May of this year. (Also, if you don't want to wait for manufacturing or want to spend 30 bucks, the CAMpanion team is offering a printable 3D file for just $5, which will be sent out in March.)

You can learn more about the CAMpanion by checking out the website or their Kickstarter page.

Source: CAMpanion