The launch of this platform is exciting, because filmmakers always desire more simplicity and efficiency in their workflow, and that desire revealed itself in the huge response to very early on during their 6-month private beta program. We've talked at great length about the potential for this platform in the past, offering a complete breakdown of its tools and features, as well as a Q&A with co-founder Emery Wells. However, if you're unfamiliar with, check out the video below to become acquainted:


  • Accelerated uploading in the browser for fast and efficient media file loading
  • Cloud transcoding of video assets for guaranteed playback on any device; with support for professional formats
  • Hover scrubbing for instant preview of clips
  • Seamless drag and drop interface for simple manipulation of files, content and communications
  • Private workspace for managing separate projects
  • Time-based, frame-specific comments and annotations for clearer communication
  • Side by side version comparison for clear, simple view of changes between versions

This quick demo shows you how it all works: offers an always-free version, which offers 2GB of storage to a team of 5 collaborators for 1 project. So, if you're planning on using the service often on bigger projects with larger crews, their monthly packages would be more up your alley. They start out at $15 and go all the way up to $150 per month. 

Again, the big launch just happened today, so if you want to know more about pricing, features, and more, just head on over to and take a gander.