In this helpful lighting tutorial from cinematographer Eve Hazelton, we learn five ways to expose an image, as well as how aperture, shutter speed, ISO, filters, and lighting can be used creatively to change the tone of a scene.

Even if you're an experienced filmmaker who knows how to expose an image, Eve still reminds us that exposure doesn't always have to be just about getting a clean picture. Her point about shutter speed was particularly interesting, because most beginners (and even some seasoned pros) don't think of shutter speed as a creative tool, but it absolutely can be.

Eve has a bunch of other great lighting and cinematography tutorials and I highly encourage you to check them out. Also, if you want a more in-depth lesson, you might want to take a look at the newest version of her hour-long masterclass which breaks down three dimensionality and depth, the psychology of cinematography, as well as the complete lighting process. She's offering it as an instant download for $75 on her website.

To get an idea of what her masterclass entails, her's the promo:

Source: Eve Hazelton