If you're looking to make your post-production process a little easier and hands-on, Wacom has come out with some interesting new displays, including the Cintiq 27 QHD, that will give you a little more flexibility and freedom when you edit.

Cintiq 27 QHD

This 2.5K display has stellar color accuracy with 97% Adobe RGB, which makes it a great tool for working in VFX, animation, you name it. Not only that, but since it has pen and touch capabilities, you could potentially scrub through your Premiere timeline with your fingers, or trim a clip using your Pro Pen.

  • 27" display
  • 2560 x 1440 resolution
  • 2480 levels pen pressure, tilt and multitouch
  • ExpressKey Remote
  • 4 USB 3.0 ports
  • Optional Cintiq Ergo Stand
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • $2799


Cintiq_remoteExpressKey Remote


Cintiq Companion

If you want to take your work on the road with you, the Cintiq Companion lets you do it. It's able to run cumbersome programs, like Adobe After Effects or Premiere, while still being able to be used just like a tablet with its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability.

  • 13.3" display
  • 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution
  • 2048 levels pen pressure, natural feel and multitouch
  • ExpressKeys, Rocker Ring, Home Button, on-screen controls
  • Compatible with Windows 8
  • 256 or 512 GB SSD
  • $1800 - $2100


No Film School's complete coverage of NAB 2015 is brought to you by Color Grading Central, Shutterstock, Blackmagic Design, and Bigstock.

No Film School's coverage of NAB is brought to you by Color Grading Central, Shutterstock, Blackmagic Design, and Bigstock