The past two releases of Resolve hadn't necessarily been touted as a replacement for your current NLE, but instead as a complimentary tool for making small editorial changes during the grading and exporting processes. With version 12, however, Blackmagic is now billing Resolve as a fully-featured editing platform that can take any project from empty timeline to rough cut to finely-tuned picture lock. Add to that all of the powerful grading and color-management capabilities already present in Resolve, and it's clear that Resolve 12 might very well become a one-stop shop for all of your editorial and color needs.

We managed to grab the seemingly un-embeddable videos from Blackmagic's website to show you just how powerful of an editing platform Resolve has become. In this first video, you get a crash course in most of the editing features in Resolve 12, including it's advanced dynamic trimming operations:

One of the major concerns with previous versions of Resolve's built-in NLE was that it had no multi-cam editing capabilities, a feature which some editors rely on heavily to speed up their cutting process. In version 12, Resolve now has a solid multi-cam feature which looks to rival the quality and ease of use of those found in other NLEs. Take a look:

All in all, Resolve 12 looks to have just about everything that an editor could want in terms of editing and media management functionality, and the program can even be set to use preset keyboard shortcuts from other NLEs like Premiere, Avid, and Final Cut, or your own custom shortcuts, which should make transitioning to Resolve from another program fairly simple.

The best part of this is that beginning filmmakers wanting to learn editing now have an incredibly powerful and fully-featured NLE to start with that is free of charge. Of course, you can always invest in a Creative Cloud (or Avid) subscription, or buy FCPX outright, but if you're just starting out and want to dip your toes in the proverbial waters of editing, Resolve 12 seems to be a viable option for beginners (and professionals).

Resolve 12 is expected to be released to the public in July, and like previous iterations, will be available in both a slightly limited free version and a full version for $995.

Source: Blackmagic Design