Commercial-set-e1417647692721Credit: Amy Clarke

If you’ve never heard of CineSummit before, now would be a great time to get nice and acquainted with it. With more than 52,000 people already signed up, it’s the world’s largest online event for filmmakers and DPs aiming to learn more about the art of cinematography. And yes – it’s free.

But the cost (or lack thereof) isn’t the most exciting thing about CineSummit – it’s the 9 world-renowned cinematographers who are participating. Pierre Gill CSC (The Colony), Patrick Moreau (NFL, CBS/Showtime, Canon), and Manuel Claro, who has worked with director Lars Von Trier on Melancholia and Nymphomaniac, are just a few who will be there sharing their insight.

The experts will cover a myriad of topics over the course of 48 hours, including “Creating Cinematic Images Using Depth”, “Three Keys to a Successful Shoot”, and “High Budget Visuals with Low Budget Gear”. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to fine-tune your technique a little or build it up from scratch, there’s something for everyone -- regardless of your experience level, budget, or access to gear. And the lessons are “100% practical”, meaning that they’re designed to get you behind the camera with your new skills as quickly as possible.

The event goes from June 23rd through the 24th.

Enough talk! Go check out the CineSummit for yourself, claim your free ticket right now... and take your cinematography to the next level.

Source: CineSummit