We've all been there -- sitting at a cramped desk, editing on a tiny monitor, and wishing for completely new hardware. Well, LG is giving you the opportunity to revamp your workstation by entering the UltraWide Festival, which will give three lucky winners $10K to spend on their "Dream Setup".

To enter, applicants must create a video presenting their current setup, as well as explaining what their dream setup would consist of. Later this month, 30 semi-finalists will be chosen to receive an 34" LG Curved UltraWide monitor, and will advance to the next round. The 3 winners are then selected by 3 Tech YouTube mentors, each of whom will team up with the finalists to complete their Dream Setup.

Lg_monitor30 semi-finalists will win LG's new 34" Curved UltraWide monitor, the 34uc87c.

This competition isn't geared exclusively toward filmmakers -- maybe your dream setup consists of a full-on gaming station or sound studio. Whatever it may be, the UltraWide Festival gives you the chance to completely overhaul your workspace. Even if you miss out on the $10K, you still have a pretty good chance of getting your hands on LG's Curved UltraWide monitor, the 34uc87c, which has some really impressive features, like a 34" screen, 3440x1440 (21:9) resolution, color calibration, 4-screen split, and MAXXAUDIO.

If you're interested in entering, head on over to the UltraWide Festival website and fill out the application.

Source: UltraWide Festival