Whoa now. Before we get sued, this is not us being porn. This hilarious and very clever video by College Humor shows us what it would be like to have sexy time with the Brothers Coen -- if the experience played out like one of their films.

The Coen's have a long history of making films that mystify us, confound us, and make us laugh (mostly about things we're ashamed to laugh at). Not only are their stories full of dimension and depth, but the images created by long-time Coen collaborator Roger Deakins are absolutely breathtaking. These factors make for very unique cinema -- both beautiful and horrifying, hilarious and tragic, mundane and surreal -- but they also make for great satire!

What aspects of the Coen Brothers' filmmaking would you have liked to have seen in the video? If College Humor were to make another one of these videos, which filmmaker should they spoof next? Let us know in the comments!

Source: College Humor