You're always going to need to hang, fly, or mount something to something while shooting your project. There are tons of ways to do that, but you're going to want to keep a bunch of clamps handy when the time comes to do so. Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens gives a great lesson for the uninitiated on different types the pros use, as well as how they use them. Check it out below:

There are all sorts of clamps to use for filmmaking, some pretty standard, others more specialized, but these are the 6 clamps Morgan mentions in the video:

Morgan also gives a shopping list for those who want to get their clamp starter kit in order:

  • 10 Spring Clamps
  • 3 Mafers
  • A Platypus

This gives you the ability to fly or mount pretty much anything with the A-clamps, hang backdrops and lights with the super clamps, and hold whichever kind of reflector you're using -- one that has a larger surface area and needs the added support a Platypus offers. This setup has you covered for what you're going to need for a basic shoot, but as your projects get more complicated and call for more, you can always start adding to your clamp arsenal with the ones Morgan talks about in the video.

What kinds of clamps do you think are most helpful on a film shoot? What clamps did Morgan not mention that you think filmmakers should absolutely have on hand? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: The Slanted Lens