Generations of filmmakers, from David Lynch to Spike Lee, all began their careers with the Bolex, which was for many years the go-to camera for film schools. While it's difficult to shoot sync sound on a Bolex, due to the noise, they are marvels of Swiss engineering, and are still being produced. Referred to by some enthusiasts as the Go Pro of its day, the Bolex H16 is a cult item, avidly collected, and still used by many filmmakers, who prize them for their craftsmanship and individuality.

Rolex Factory No Film School 16mm

As Favre's video shows, the Bolex factory is and was a place where supreme attention to craftsmanship made each camera a marvel of intricate, clockwork precision. As they are famously light and easy to maneuver, many directors have used them on feature films, including Stanley Kubrick, who favored the cameras for handheld work.

Filmed in 2011 with two Bolex H16 cameras (in Super 16), and using audio recorded with a Nagra, Favre's doc is in the process of completion and should be a real treat. For now, enjoy the teaser and explore the world of the tiny camera with the big name. 

Source: Alexander Favre