We've been excited about this product since it was announced at NAB 2014 — and it's finally here! The Little DARling was designed as an alternative workflow to the wireless bodypack transmitter/receiver form factor like the ever-present Sennheiser G3. The DARling is a high quality recorder packed with a ton of handy (and very customizable) features for run n' gun shooters and guerrilla filmmakers. Plug your choice of lavalier microphone into the unit and you can easily record for a full production day on just one AA battery. The release of the product was pushed back when JuicedLink announced a second unit in the family with wireless control. The wireless unit (DAR124RX01) allows for wireless start/stop and slating from a handheld transmitter.

From the JuicedLink blog:

A great alternative to using wireless lav mic transmitter/receivers, the Little DARling Distributed Audio Recorder overcomes limitations in wireless range and dropouts.  This opens up new creative possibilities for events. Sprinkle the DARs around ...  one for each member of the wedding party ... and beyond.

  • Audio Bracketing (aka Dual-Mono) 2-track recording of a single lav mic
  • Super-long battery life
  • Locking audio connectors
  • Locking battery / card compartment
  • Aluminum enclosure: durable ... no plastic ...
  • Recessed button - talent can't accidentally stop recording or alter settings
  • Wireless control / slate (DARlink enabled units)
  • And MORE ...


  • DAR123 (distributed audio recorder, no wireless control) $200.00
  • DAR124RX01 (DARlink wireless control / slate) $265.00

Little DARling DAR123 overview

I've been looking forward to the release of this unit for quite some time, and I'm currently working on an in-depth review and test of the feature set and creative applications. I'm excited to see what the Little DARlings can do in a micro-budget narrative film environment — so stay tuned.