2016 SXSW Film Festival Award Winners

"This is an awkward event, because most of the people here will lose; only some will win. But there's nothing better than winning in front of a bunch of losers."

Comedian Mike Birbiglia opened the SXSW Film Festival with a little dark humor, and even though "art isn't a competition," we're here in Austin to bring you the full list of winners from today's — art competition.

Feature Film Jury Awards

Narrative Feature Competition

  • Grand Jury Winner: The Arbalest (dir. Adam Pinney, producer: Alex Orr)
  • Special Jury Recognition for Best Actress: Lily Rabe (Miss Stevens)
  • Special Jury Recognition for Best Actor: Andre Royo (Hunter Gatherer)

'The Arbalest'

Documentary Feature Competition

  • Grand Jury Winner: Tower (dir. Keith Maitland, producers: Luke Wilson, Meredith Vieira, Steve Eckelman, Amy Rapp, Pamela Colloff, Megan Gilbride, Susan Thomson)
  • Special Jury Recognition for Visual Design: Lee Daniel (The Seer)
  • Special Jury Recognition for Editing: Matt Ornstein (Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America)


Short Film Jury Awards

Narrative Shorts

  • Jury Award Winner: How Was Your Day (dir. Damien O’Donnell)
  • Special Jury Recognition, Writing: Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe (Greener Grass)
  • Special Jury Recognition, Acting: Jim Cummings (Thunder Road)

Documentary Shorts

  • Jury Award Winner: These Cocksucking Tears (dir. Dan Taberski)
  • Special Jury Recognition: Dollhouse (dir. Terri Timely)

'These Cocksucking Tears'

Midnight Shorts

  • Jury Award Winner: Manoman (dir. Simon Cartwright)
  • Special Jury Recognition: Don't Tell Mom (dir. Sawako Kabuki)

Animated Shorts

  • Jury Award Winner: Glove (dir. Alexa Lim Haas)
  • Special Jury Recognition: Pombo Loves You (dir. Steve Warne)

Music Videos

  • Jury Award Winner: Sober (dir. Childish Gambino)

Texas Shorts

  • Jury Award Winner: The Send-Off (dir. Ivete Lucas and Patrick Bresnan)
  • Special Jury Recognition: 1985 (dir. Lindsay Pulsipher)

'The Send-Off'

Texas High School Shorts

  • Jury Award Winner: Lady of Paint Creek (dir. Alexia Salingaros)

SXSW Film Design Awards

Excellence in Poster Design

  • Jury Award Winner: Miss Me: The Artful Vandal
  • Special Jury Recognition: Night Stalker
  • Special Jury Recognition: Eat My Shit

'Miss Me: The Artful Vandal'

Excellence in Title Design

  • Jury Award Winner: Sunstone

SXSW Special Awards

  • SXSW Gamechanger Award: Sophie Goodhart (My Blind Brother)
  • Louis Black “Lone Star” Award: Keith Maitland (Tower)
  • Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship: Eileen Meyer

SXSW Audience Award Winners

  • Narrative Feature CompetitionTranspecos (dir. Greg Kwedar)
  • Documentary Feature CompetitionTower (dir. Keith Maitland)
  • HeadlinersDemolition (dir. Jean-Marc Vallée)
  • Narrative SpotlightFrom Nowhere (dir. Matthew Newton)
  • Documentary SpotlightMr. Gaga (dir. Tomer Heymann)
  • VisionsJules and Dolores (dir. Caito Ortiz)
  • MidnightersI Am a Hero (dir. Shinsuke Sato)
  • EpisodicVice Principals (dir. Jody Hill, David Gordon Green, Danny McBride)
  • 24 Beats Per SecondHonky Tonk Heaven: Legend of the Broken (dir. Brenda Greene Mitchell, Sam Wainwright Douglas)
  • SXGlobalGhostland (dir. Simon Stadler)
  • Festival FavoritesGleason (dir. Clay Tweel)
  • Excellence in Title DesignWe Are X (Allison Brownmoore)

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