The new Video Devices PIX-LR from Sound Devices, LLC is designed to solve all of those audio issues for $399. The PIX-LR is an optional audio accessory for the PIX-E5, PIX-E5H, and PIX-E7 4K recording monitors that gives you not only two super low-noise analog XLR inputs, but also two analog XLR outputs, and has fantastic limiters built in to prevent distortion when levels get too hot.  

Video Devices PIX-LR(Front)

Sound Devices Video Devices PIX-E5andLRonCamera(REC)

In addition, the PIX-LR adds more physical controls to your monitor, like transport buttons for recording and playing back footage, and two physical gain controls. If you've used a Sound Devices or Video Devices product before, you'll be familiar with these high-quality tactile controls and buttons. 

If you're wondering about the quality of the preamps and how the PIX-LR actually sounds, Sound Devices makes some of the best professional audio recorders used on sets all over the world. See for yourself:

Main features of the PIX-LR:

  • 2 x Low-noise, wide-gain XLR inputs (Balanced Mic/Line Level switchable with 48V Phantom Power)
  • 2 x XLR analog outputs
  • Inputs 1 and 2 can be linked for stereo level and pan control
  • High-quality limiters to prevent over-distortion when levels get too hot
  • High-pass filters to reduce low frequencies like wind noise
  • Dedicated gain controls for adjusting levels that can be recessed when not in use
  • Adds physical buttons for play/stop/forward/back/record, etc.
  • LEDs give you visual confirmation of levels and limiter effect
  • Sturdy die-cast aluminum construction that attaches via a 1/4-20 screw
  • Powered directly by the PIX-E5, PIX-E5H, and PIX-E7, and uses about 2 Watts
  • Gain/transport can be controlled physically on the PIX-LR, all other audio functions are controlled on the monitor itself

Sound Devices Video Devices PIX-E5-PIX-LR-SpeedDrive(Back)

The exceptional integration with the Video Devices 4K external monitor/recorders cannot be understated. The PIX-LR is designed to work seamlessly with these monitors, and it even adds more functionality with easily accessible physical buttons for recording and playing back footage. The other great part about this integration is that you won't need to worry about powering two devices simultaneously, since the PIX-LR is powered directly through the PIX-E5, PIX-E5H, and PIX-E7. 

The PIX-LR is available right now for just under $400. 

Sound Devices Video Devices PIX-E5andLRonCamera(REC)

If you're new to the 4K PIX-E monitors, here's an overview:

  • Three 4K recording models: PIX-E5, PIX-E5H, PIX-E7
  • PIX-E5: 5" 1920 x 1080 touchscreen & physical buttons, HDMI, 6G-SDI & 3G-SDI (level A & B) inputs, HDMI & HD-SDI outputs, 4K/UHD/DCI up to 30fps, HD (1080p, 1080i) up to 120fps
  • PIX-E5H: 5" 1920 x 1080 touchscreen & physical buttons, HDMI I/O, 4K/UHD/DCI up to 30fps, HD (1080p, 1080i) up to 120fps
  • PIX-E7: 7" 1920 x 1200 touchscreen & physical buttons, HDMI 6G-SDI & 3G-SDI (level A & B) inputs, HDMI & HD-SDI outputs, 4K/UHD/DCI up to 30fps, HD (1080p, 1080i) up to 120fps
  • Record all Apple ProRes codecs up to 4444 XQ (PIX-E5H is limited to 422 HQ)
  • Highly rugged and durable die-cast metal chassis with Gorilla Glass 2 protected touchscreen LCD
  • Most compact 4K monitor on the market with the 5" inch PIX-E5 and PIX-E5H models
  • Records to cost-effective non-proprietary mSATA drives via the Video Devices SpeedDrive –a custom USB 3 enclosure that plugs into the monitors
  • The SpeedDrive can plug in directly to any computer for easy offloading
  • Advanced monitoring features such as 4-Way View and TapZoom

Sound Devices Video Devices PIX-E5H-OnCam-wPIX-LR