No stranger to the format (in fact, ol' Hitch was the star of his last mashup, too), Fabrice Mathieu melds the two universes into this gem, Darth By Darthwest, which pits the leading man of Hitchcock's North By Northwest, Cary Grant, against an evil, crop dusting TAI fighter using probably one of the most epic scenes in cinematic history.

Darth-by-darthwest_0The mashup has cameos of C3PO, R2D2, and BB-8.

To make the video, Mathieu used, of course, the crop duster scene from North By Northwest, as well as pieces from Star Wars: Episode IV, V, VI, and VII. I was able to chat briefly with Mathieu about his process:

I used Photoshop, After Effects and Final Cut for the special effects, the editing and the new sound design. For the music, it was very interesting to mix the original score composed by Bernard Herrmann because there is no music during the scene. (The music begins in the original film only with the plane crash.)

For the TIE Fighter, I used different sources: Star Wars and footage found on the Internet (for the sound, too), some of which already utilized a green screen. For the rotoscope process, I used masks,and color keying with the blue sky to erase the plane (for example). I made 70 different shots with SFX. 

And just in case you've never watched the original scene from North By Northwest, here it is:

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Source: Fabrice Mathieu