In this short film, aptly named Master of Suspense, ol' Hitch becomes just that. Through a process of splicing together footage from several of his films, as well as his cameos,  has created a clever short "Mashup Noir" that tells an original story about a peculiar, portly man that goes on the run after murdering a woman in a shower.

Check it out below:

According to the description, the mashup was created using extracts from 30 of Hitchcock's films, as well as his many appearances and cameos in said films and trailers. As you might've noticed, special effects were used to complete the narrative, including the wanted poster and newspaper articles. Mathieu also created a new sound design that includes music from Bernard Herrmann.

This is yet another great addition to the ever-expanding collection of cinephilic mashups, like Hell's Clubas well as one that also centers on Hitchcock called The Red Drum GetawayThese videos are just another reminder of how powerful editing truly is, so if you're looking for a way to get creative with your editing, you might want to take a crack at a mashup.

Source: Fabrice Mathieu