You might've been bummed to learn you didn't make it into Herzog's very awesome, very hard to get into Rogue Film School. And even if you did make it, you'd still have to venture all the way to whichever location it's being held at (this year it's Munich). This new class is offered completely online through MasterClass and features 5 hours of lessons, a class workbook with supplemental materials, and office hours that allow you to upload your videos and receive feedback from Herzog.

"Ultimately, my own goal is to be a good soldier of cinema and if I can inspire one or two of you out there, to become a good soldier, then I have done everything I should do here." —Werner Herzog

Here's a bit from the press release that describes what the class is all about:

Herzog’s MasterClass will focus on the art of both feature and documentary filmmaking. Herzog will teach how he captures the scary, beautiful, and spectacular. Lessons include storytelling, financing, leading a crew, cinematography, working with actors, locations, editing, and documentary interview techniques. Pre-enrollment is open to everyone and the class will become available this summer.

And if you're telling yourself, "Man, I'd eat my shoe to get into that class," well—you don't have to. Pre-enrollment costs $90 and gives you early access to Herzog's class.

To learn more/pre-enroll, click here.