Keyframe's Jonathan Kiefer melds the two together in this entertaining mashup of Ozu's Floating Weeds and Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi's Godzilla: Resurgence. He also included music from Star Trek Beyond and Independence Day: Resurgence to help make this video as legendary as possible.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this video is the juxtaposition of the two subjects. Godzilla is massive—in every way: in size, in appeal, in presence. Ozu is—not: his films are delicate, slow, and revel in the simplicity of realism. So, putting the two side by side makes for easy comedy. It's like, "I'm Godzilla! I'm coming your way," and Ozu's characters in Floating Weeds are like, "Oh right...hey." The enormity of Godzilla's essence doesn't translate in Ozu's modest world—in fact, it's met with curiosity, kindness, and acceptance. (They even speak his same language, people.)

But the one thing they may have in common is that they're both a little misunderstood and even under-appreciated for what they are.

Source: Keyframe