DJI is continuing to make the case that it's the top drone company in the industry today.

Their latest device, the DJI Focus, opens the doors to a whole new creative playset for directors and cinematographers. Whereas shooters used to be limited to infinite focus when shooting from the sky, you can now pull focus from the ground, adjusting focus and aperture remotely.

The design of the Focus is very utilitarian—turning is just like turning the lens ring itself, and it's simple to swap between adjusting focus and aperture. The motor and receiver are combined in one small unit, which could end up reducing the amount of gear you'll need for a drone shot by a wide margin.

The Focus can be used with any camera on the ground and DJI's Zenmuse X5 / X5R in the sky. It also works with their Ronin and Ronin-M stabilizers. The Focus itself is going to cost you $1,999, but if you're also in the market for a stabilizer, you can purchase it in a bundle with the Ronin-M and get a pretty decent deal.

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