Color matching footage shot with different cameras can be a huge undertaking—unless, of course, you have a little help.

Unless you shoot footage with the same camera at the same time and with the same lighting setup, you're going to have to do some color matching to make sure your shots blend in seamlessly with each other. And this process is very, very time consuming—and not that sexy. This tutorial from Benjamin, a Paris-based graphic designer, shows you how to create a 3D LUT that will do all of that tedious work for you.

Benjamin put this LUT to the test by throwing a couple of major issues at the footage he used. Not only did he shoot with two different cameras, he also changed up his lighting setup.

Camera-A has the good colors but Camera-B was shot with another camera and different lighting. Using Adobe Photoshop and LUT Generator you'll be able to harmonize global atmosphere in few steps. 

If you've never made a LUT before, don't be scared off. This tutorial does an excellent job of walking you through each individual step. And even if it is a little complicated for you, it's worth it in the end to have a secret weapon you can pull out of your arsenal when it comes time to color match your footage—especially if you don't have access to programs like SpeedGrade that has built-in color matching tools, like Shot Matcher.