In this supercut, Fandor's Candice Drouet compiles clips from some of the greatest films in LGBTQ cinema, including Happy Together, Carol, and Blue is the Warmest Color, to show how each one communicates the values the six colors of the LGBTQ flag represent: Life, Healing, Sunlight, Nature, Serenity, and Spirit.

Historically, LGBTQ cinema has been seen as a fringe category that appeals largely only to those within the community. However, as time goes on, contemporary films like Brokeback Mountain and Carol, as well as TV shows like Orange is the New Black and Modern Family have opened up the doors for LGBTQ movies and shows to receive a wider audience.

And having a wider audience is beneficial not just for ratings and box office receipts, but for the voices who are trying to get their messages across. The tragic event that occurred in Orlando yesterday, as well as the countless others that happen all around the world every single day to the LGBTQ community, is a stark reminder that their voices must be heard both on screen and off.

As a member of not only the gay community, but as the NFS community as well, I encourage all of you LGBTQ filmmakers out there to look for institutions and individuals who want to support you and help bring your story to life, whether through grants like Kickstarter's diversity initiative Big Vision Empty Wallet, festivals like Outfest, or through fellow LGBTQ filmmakers like yours truly.

Stories matters. Don't let anything silence the ones you want to tell.

Happy LGBTQ Pride Month!

Source: Keyframe