Raising money for a movie can be a chicken and egg scenario: you need to show footage to get funds, but you also need funds to shoot something. Musicbed and Filmsupply know this better than anyone. That's why they're teaming up to give you a chance to show off your vision without shooting a thing. You could win up to $100,000 in prizes, which range from cash to expensive gear to an all-expenses-paid trip to SXSW.

By entering their new Filmsupply Challenge, filmmakers can use the companies' stock footage to create a 60-second (max) short film. The film must fall into one of three categories: ad spec, film trailer, or title sequence.

Though this competition is aimed at filmmakers in general, it is specifically valuable to editors, VFX artists, music supervisors, and colorists, as it targets these skillsets. 

To enter, go to their website and download the free starter kit. All competitors get free access to the Musicbed and Filmsupply catalogs and must use at least five Filmsupply clips and two Musicbed tracks. 

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Best Ad Spec
  • Best Trailer
  • Best Title Sequence
  • Best Sound Design Overall
  • Best VFX Overall
  • Best Color Overall
  • Best Edit Overall

The submission deadline is June 28, and you can submit starting today