Sometimes it's hard to keep tabs on all of your equipment, especially when you're rushing to your next gig. If you don't already have a system in place to ensure that you've packed everything you need, these stylish gear checklists from Fangs Film Gear might be a huge lifesaver—and they're totally free!

Fangs gives you free access to not one, but two gear checklists, one for your standard 1-camera shoot with sync sound and one for a 2-camera shoot with sync sound. It separates your gear into four categories: camera, sound, lights, and other, and covers just about everything you'll need for a shoot, including your camera, tripod, audio recorder, headphones, batteries, card readers, and, most importantly, your coffee.

If you want to get your hands on these free gear checklists, click this link. It'll take you to their "Free Goodies" page where you can not only download the gear checklists, but their "How to Shoot a Great Interview" PDF (just in case that interests you). Provide your email address and then you're off and running.

Source: Fangs Film Gear