In 2014, when GoPro rebooted it's entry level action cam, HERO, they added a bunch of great features and functionality, including a handy time-lapse mode. Handy as it may be, some of you who own this camera may not want to be limited to a 5 second interval when shooting your time-lapses, which is where this hack from John of TechWizTime comes in.

I'm no coder, which is why John's video is so helpful. He goes through every line of the script, explaining what the commands mean as well as how to modify them (and what those modifications will do). But even if after all of his explanations you still don't really understand, it doesn't really matter because in order to get your GoPro to shoot time-lapses at any interval, all you have to do is change one single character—the number that follows the "sleep" command. 

If you're interested in hacking your GoPro HERO's time-lapse function, you can find John's script on GitHub. Huge disclaimer, though, using this hack will definitely void your warranty and may even end up breaking your GoPro, but if you're willing to take the risk, let us know how it pans out in the comments below.

TechWizTime 2014 GoPro HERO time-lapse hack—GitHub

Source: TechWizTime