7 Iconic Films Ruined by Cell Phones

These movies would have turned out much differently if their protagonists had access to cell phones.

Ah, cell phones. Simultaneously the serial killers of wonder and the purveyors of an easy path to discovery. Have you ever caught yourself asking why a character doesn't just pull one out in the middle of the movie and solve whatever conflict they're facing like any normal person would? The lives of most troubled protagonists would certainly benefit from a smartphone, but then again, that wouldn't make for a very compelling story.

In one of the better promos we've seen recently, English phone magnate Plusnet hired a cartoonist to illustrate what it would be like if characters indeed possessed such devices, regardless of genre or time period. In their words, "whether it's getting directions from Google Maps, sending a couple of helpful messages on WhatsApp, or simply looking up an online review on TripAdvisor, countless deaths, tragic endings, and arduous journeys could have been avoided with a quick glance at a smartphone."

The results are kind of genius.

Courtesy of Plusnet Community.
Courtesy of Plusnet Community.
Courtesy of Plusnet Community.
Courtesy of Plusnet Community.
Courtesy of Plusnet Community.
Courtesy of Plusnet Community.
Courtesy of Plusnet Community.
Oh, you cheeky Brits.     

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Not as good as I expected. Though I do remember watching an old episode of Star Trek: TNG where they were trying to figure out who murdered someone and I was all like "How are there no surveillance cameras on board the Starfleet flagship?!"

November 16, 2016 at 12:48PM, Edited November 16, 12:48PM

Nathan Taylor
Jack of all trades, master of none

movie are "suspend of believe" or most of movie, especially horror and fantasy movie or thriller are too weak...
the cell phone is a complex tool in a modern screenwriting world, but there are many way to neutralize it, think to everytimes you are out of signal... not only in a deep jungle, but often (i live in italy) there are many big city where i loss and regain signal. if you go a bit out of big city often you have large areas without signal, or simplier... all people have large display smartphone that are everytime in low battery... a great piece of tech without battery is simply a piece of glass, metal and waste of weight :-D

July 9, 2017 at 4:15AM

Carlo Macchiavello
Director (with strong tech knowledge)

I love to watch your site article daily for my favorite films..i am looking movies based messaging or chatting app's https://gbwa.info/

April 1, 2019 at 5:51AM

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