Ah, cell phones. Simultaneously the serial killers of wonder and the purveyors of an easy path to discovery. Have you ever caught yourself asking why a character doesn't just pull one out in the middle of the movie and solve whatever conflict they're facing like any normal person would? The lives of most troubled protagonists would certainly benefit from a smartphone, but then again, that wouldn't make for a very compelling story.

In one of the better promos we've seen recently, English phone magnate Plusnet hired a cartoonist to illustrate what it would be like if characters indeed possessed such devices, regardless of genre or time period. In their words, "whether it's getting directions from Google Maps, sending a couple of helpful messages on WhatsApp, or simply looking up an online review on TripAdvisor, countless deaths, tragic endings, and arduous journeys could have been avoided with a quick glance at a smartphone."

The results are kind of genius.

Fight_clubCourtesy of Plusnet Community.

ShiningCourtesy of Plusnet Community.

PsychoCourtesy of Plusnet Community.

HzqefngCourtesy of Plusnet Community.

Jingle_all_the_wayCourtesy of Plusnet Community.

Lord_of_the_ringsCourtesy of Plusnet Community.

The_ringCourtesy of Plusnet Community.

Oh, you cheeky Brits.

Source: Plusnet Community