Unless you were living under a rock this week—like, say, a snake or an iguana—you probably saw the most insane chase sequence of 2016, brought to you by Planet Earth 2. A baby iguana in the Galapagos runs for its life with a horde of terrifying snakes hot on its trail, and with some deft camerawork and tension-building editing, the sequence outpaces even George Miller's craft

BBC has just released two behind-the-scenes videos—with one shot in 360°, no less. Click and drag on the image to look around as the camera crew rehearses with a DJI Ronin to film the iguanas running, and a long lens to get tight shots of the action.

BBC has released Planet Earth 2 in the UK; sadly, it won’t come to BBC America until January 28, 2017. In the meantime, watch more behind-the-scenes footage here

Source: Wired