When it comes to camera stabilization vest/arm rigs, weight distribution is the main concern. Systems like the Steadicam have been designed with men and those with larger frames in mind, which meant women and small-framed people had to deal with a rig that didn't really fit them or distribute the weight of their heavy camera setups well.

However, EasyRig has come out with a vest with reinforced ergonomics specifically for female DPs and camera operators. The EasyRig Cinema Flex vest has several design features for those with a wide range of smaller body types. Instead of two shoulder straps, the vest crosses across the user's chest  like a life jacket to provide support, has a fully adjustable torso, and sits higher on the waist. It can be mounted with all EasyRig support arms, including the EasyRig 2,5, EasyRig 3 Cinema, adn EasyRig Vario 5 arm.

1468583110_cineflex-blairejohnson-webb-1DP Blaire JohnsonCredit: EasyRig

Ramaa-3Credit: EasyRig

Cinema-flex-ibc2016Credit: EasyRig

Technical Specifications

  • Size: S-XL
  • Weight: Vest: 2,1 kg (4.6 lbs)
  • Height: 55 cm (22 in)
  • Minimum waist hip strap length: 70 cm (27 in)
  • Maximum waist hip strap length: 140 cm (55 in)

According to her interview with KitSplit, DP Aly Migliori was the first woman in New York City to try out the new EasyRig Cinema Flex vest. Here's what she had to say to them about her experience:

After the first shoot, I was immediately floored by the ergonomic difference between this and the other Easyrig vests I have used in the past. This new vest has a support system that snugly fits my upper body, crossing across the chest rather than using simple  shoulder straps. This accommodation, plus a more slim overall build, creates the snug feeling of a supported camera.

It's incredibly important for all DPs to have tools available that allow them to properly do their job, and this EasyRig vest certainly seems to offer a solution to a big issue among female cinematographers, as well as those with smaller builds. Using a system that doesn't fit rather than one that does could mean not getting work, doing the job but not as well as you could, or worse, getting injured—which is a major issue among camera operators without the threat of ill-fitting gear.

Though the price isn't listed on its website, Migliori has her custom build listed on KitSplit along with a 400N 3 arm and has set the replacement price at $4400.

To learn more about the Cinema Flex vest, head on over to the EasyRig website.

Source: EasyRig