When you're in a pinch, it's nice to know some ways to "hack" your camera to get it to do or capture what you want. If you've got a belt, knife, sunglasses, and other everyday items you can definitely do a bunch of cool stuff. In this video from Peter McKinnon, you get to learn 8 hacks in just 90 seconds, like using a belt as a camera stabilizer, turning a coffee jacket into a makeshift lens hood, and using a bunch of random things to give your images some sweet filter effects and in-camera flares. Check it out below!

Here's a list of the 8 hacks McKinnon shares in the video:

  • Use a belt to create a "belt sling" camera stabilizer.
  • A coffee jacket makes a pretty decent lens hood.
  • Slather on some chapstick onto your lens (or filter) for a dreamy look.
  • Cellophane (wrappers) create a weird smoky effect.
  • Got some shades? Use them to add a little color to your images.
  • You can use a knife blade to reflective effect.
  • Got a little handheld flashlight? Well, they're perfect for flares.
  • Don't got a handheld flashlight? The one in your phone works just as well.

One thing to keep in mind with all of these flare and color effects is that in order for them to work, your depth of field needs to be pretty shallow, or shallow enough to make the foreground where your knife, cellophane, shades, etc. are completely blurry.

Share the nifty hacks/tricks that you can pull off with household items down in the comments!

Source: Peter McKinnon