And the nominees for Best Cinematography are...

Who will win? Given La La Land's nearly unprecedented awards season sweep, we have to bet on Sandgren. However, Fraser took home the coveted ASC Award a week ago, most likely due to his innovative technical achievement on Lion. The Academy, traditionally less swayed by technical prowess in the Best Cinematography category, will likely opt for what its members deem the more "visually stimulating" choice.

Watch Jacob T. Swinney's supercut of this year's Oscar-nominated cinematography below. 

When we tracked down the cameras used by this year's nominees, we found that productions were quite fond of ARRI: Arrival, Lion, Moonlight, Hell or High Water, Silence, and Manchester by the Sea shot on the ARRI Alexa XT. As for lenses, Angenieux Optimos were all the rage.

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