Though not the most complicated concept in optics, aperture can certainly be tricky for some beginners to learn. Understanding what it is and how it works may require some knowledge of basic composition and cinematography, especially when it comes to exposure. But if all of this is new to you, don't worry—this video from Apalapse will help you wrap your head around everything you need to know so you can go on and use your lens like a pro in no time.

The great thing about this video is that it's a perfect crash course for beginners who literally know nothing about lenses, exposure, or aperture. It illustrates pretty much everything about a camera lens' aperture, including where it's located on a lens, how to read f-stops, and how it affects the other parts of the "exposure triangle:" ISO and shutter speed. 

Furthermore, it shows how these parameters on your camera and lens can affect each other if altered, like how opening up your aperture allows you to use faster shutter speeds and lower ISOs thanks to the added lighting coming through the lens.

Knowing these kinds of things are essential if you want to truly master your camera and take full control over the images you're creating.

Source: Apalapse