ActionVFX was founded by frustrated filmmakers who noticed that the same explosion effects were being used in film after film after film. There was truly a lack of diversity in the VFX Stock Footage market, so the creators set out to make a change.

In the words of CEO Rodolphe Pierre-Louis, “The goal with ActionVFX wasn’t just to diversify the market, but to also create VFX elements that were better than what was currently available. Thankfully, we received amazing feedback from hundreds of VFX artists and filmmakers that helped us create something truly unique.”

The company's successful Kickstarter campaign exceeded its goal and earned 296% funding in a mere thirty days. In total, backers pledged $59,309 towards the project. The final product is a library full of Explosions, Structure Fires, Smoke Plumes, Gun FX, Blood and more built around the preferences of over 300 VFX artists and filmmakers surveyed during the development of the site. 

Actionvfx_categoriesCredit: ActionVFX

Needless to say, VFX artists and studios fed up with the generic stock effects of old took notice. You can now see ActionVFX products on many shows including: 

  • Narcos (Netflix)
  • How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)
  • The Flash (CW)
  • Blindspot (NBC)
  • Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix)
  • Zoo (CBS)

Building_fire_beforeafterCredit: ActionVFX

Gun_fx_beforeafterCredit: ActionVFX

In order to keep up with demand, ActionVFX now has the largest library of 4K VFX Stock Footage in the world, offering over 1316 individual elements. The best part for filmmakers on a budget is that, in addition to paid products, there are also a bunch of completely free products available. Who doesn't love free stuff?

If the free stuff isn't enough to convince you to give it a try, starting on May 1 2017, users can get 50% off all ActionVFX products by using the discount code: PHASE2.