Kino Flo just gave us the inside scoop on its new LED lights, and they are every DP's dream. The new product, the Kino Freestyle, can detach from its fixture to become a lightweight panel. The Freestyle comes in both 60-degree and 90-degree models and is made with a honeycomb louver to remove side spill.

The LED has the ability to adjust brightness depending on the situation. What's really incredible about this product is the ability to adjust the Kelvin from 2500-9900, which gives you a lot of range. The built-in gels are incredibly diverse and you can adjust saturation and color hue to match any color on the color wheel.

This LED also allows you to input RGB values; there isn't a single colored gel around that this Kino can't imitate. Kino also gives you the ability to make green-magenta adjustments to match the light to whatever camera you're using.

Basically, you get the perfect picture, no matter what the color science of your camera sensor is. These Kinos should be ready in the next month or two, so keep an eye out for them. 

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