CW Sonderoptic is in charge of all of the Leica's cinema development and they've certainly come up with some exciting new glass. No Film School had the privilege of meeting with CW Sonderoptic at NAB to discuss the new Thalia lens series.

This nine-lens set, ranging from 24mm to 180mm, is a large format series based off of the Leica S series of medium format lenses. With a lot of changes in the S series configuration and manufacturing, the company was able to make a 60mm image circle lens.

The Thalia's brand new iris design has 15 circular blades which allow the lens to stay circular at every T-stop. The apertures vary throughout the series, ranging anywhere from T2 to T3.6. None of the lenses weigh more than 4 lbs.

The Thalia series can cover the Alexa 65 Sensor and is being made with the Alexa XPL mount. For those who are using a PL mount camera and still want a 60mm image circle, CW Sonderoptic is also making the Thalia available in PL mount. 

The price for the set of all 9 lenses is $214,000 and begins shipping in July.

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