Upon release of Playbase, the latest offering in the Sonos line of best-in-class home sound system speakers, the company invites you to submit a short film to ReScored, an incredible competition with the opportunity to have your work’s score reimagined by Oscar-winning composer Steven Price (Gravity).

ReScored’s panel of judges includes Price himself, alongside Grammy Award-winning producer and Sonos Sound Experience Leader Giles Martin, journalist and broadcaster Miranda Sawyer, and film and TV director Simon Cellan Jones.

The winner will have their filmed scored by Price and recorded in London’s Abbey Road Studios, before being performed by a live orchestra at an audience screening. Sonos has collaborated with Abbey Road Studios and the industry’s best ears to develop the creation of Playbase.

You may have heard of Abbey Road Studios because of its role in shaping some of our most beloved recording artists, like the Beatles and Pink Floyd. But did you know that Abbey Road is also responsible for recording dozens of iconic movie scores? Titles include some little films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Return of the Jedi, and all the Harry Potter movies, to name a few.

It’s no surprise, then, that Sonos turned to Abbey Road as a collaborator when designing Playbase. According to Sonos, the goal of Playbase is to “allow you to enjoy your favorite movies with the same sound clarity as an orchestral recording at Abbey Road Studios.”

The goal of Playbase is to allow you to enjoy your favorite movies with the same sound clarity as an orchestral recording at Abbey Road Studios.

Giles Martin, Sound Experience Leader at Sonos, elaborated, “The challenge with Playbase was upholding the desire for it to be beautiful from all angles without compromising any of our design, acoustics or engineering principles. We were obsessive in our approach and decisions, resisting every urge to pack anything in here that wasn’t needed, and custom built everything else to find the perfect fit.”

Indeed, Martin’s input along with renowned industry players including Steven Price (Gravity, Suicide Squad) and Chris Jenkin (Mad Max: Fury Road) among others, helped Sonos’ product development team design the Playbase bespoke from the ground up, uniquely balancing the demands of acoustics, wireless, and software. The result is a radically simple, thin, powerful speaker designed to virtually disappear under your TV, and serve as equal parts TV speaker and music speaker.

Sonos PlaybaseSonos Playbase

At just 58 mm in height and packing 10 drivers, the construction comes together with no visible seams, resulting in incredibly clean lines, an ultra-flat top surface, and more than 43,000 holes that make up an acoustically transparent grill. Playbase allows you to choose the best setup to fit any room—it was designed for the almost 70% of TVs that aren’t mounted. Even better, the system is easy to control and set-up using just two cords (optical and power). 

Playbase also creates a wider sound stage with a new speaker array featuring more sophisticated directivity control than similar models, enabling great sound when the TV is on, and music all the time when it’s off.

Priced at £699 and available in both black and white, Playbase is available globally now for your listening pleasure.

To enter the ReScored competition, submit a link to your short at https://sonos.com/abbeyroadstudios until May 22.