Sony Adds Full Frame and Anamorphic Support to CineAlta

Sony's next-gen CineAlta will have a full frame 36 x 24mm sensor.

Over the weekend at Cine Gear Expo, Sony hinted at its next-generation CineAlta camera that's scheduled to come out in early 2018. According to the release, the camera will have a newly-developed full frame 36 x 24mm sensor that will be aspect ratio-agnostic to include full frame, Super 35 4:3 anamorphic, and 4K spherical 3-perf 17:9. 

While there isn't too much information on price point, lens mount or ergonomics available yet, the camera is said to fit into Sony's existing CineAlta lineup rather than replace the F65/F55/F5. What we do know is that the camera is expected to produce outstanding image quality with its new image sensor, while maintaining Sony's 16bit RAW/X-OCN and XAVC workflows. It will also be compatible with current and upcoming hardware accessories like we see with ARRI camera updates. 

Though this is a wait-and-see adventure, it's nice to see Sony making waves beyond the Super 35 sensor. With cameras like the ARRI ALEXA 65 (6560 x 3100mm) and RED Weapon 8K VV (40.96 x 21.60mm) controlling the large format arena, operators who are fans of the Sony CineAlta line will have a nicely updated option to produce cinematic images. We'll update you as more information is available. 

Tech Specs: 

  • Full Frame 36 x 24mm sensor 
  • Aspect ratio-agnostic to include full frame, Super 35 4K 4-perf 4:3 Anamorphic and 4K spherical 3-perf 17:9
  • New image sensor 
  • Sony 16bit RAW/X-OCN and XAVC worfklows
  • Compatible with current and upcoming hardware accessories  

So it begs the question, how many of you prefer filming on a full frame sensor? Let us know in the comments below.      

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lenses for that 6.5 meter sensor on the alexa must weight a ton!

June 5, 2017 at 1:32PM


Probably great in low-light though... :P

June 6, 2017 at 5:23AM

Jeroen Rommelaars
Animator - Videographer - Motion Tracking

Full Frame is over kill.. It's basically Vista Vision in terms of cinematography measurements.. Many are confused with this term (Full Frame) thinking it's Super 35, but it's not. In fact Vista Vision (Full Frame) is really an absolute format as it's too shallow depth of field and not practical for shooting as it's hard to focus..

June 5, 2017 at 10:45PM, Edited June 5, 10:45PM