Final Draft has been the go-to screenwriting software for almost as long as software has existed, but that doesn’t mean that the company has stopped listening to customer feedback. The latest version brings in a new slate of tools that directly address writers’ needs, particularly in terms of capturing those initial ideas, outlining story, and collaborating with co-writers or directors.

"Even if you don’t own a computer, I recommend buying Final Draft."  -J.J. Abrams

Beat Board and Story Map

Two of Final Draft 10’s most useful new features are the Beat Board and Story Map.

The Beat Board is a brainstorming space for collecting ideas, breaking down story, and organizing story points into “beats.” You can assign colors to different beats, and drag them around to rearrange and organize the story.

Final Draft 10's Beat BoardFinal Draft 10's Beat Board

Once the beats are organized, the Story Map is helpful to lay out your story in sequence, or even along specific page goals (such as writing a multi-cam series episode with a targeted script length of 44 pages) or a particular structure (for that same episode, wherein you’d need a very specific structure for TV).

Final Draft 10's Story MapFinal Draft 10's Story Map

Since no two writers work in exactly the same way, the software allows your structure to be as generic or specific as you like. Final Draft provides some common script structure templates online, such as the Story Solution and 6-Stage Plot Structure, any of which can be modified to suit your needs.


The updated collaboration features will allow you to easily write a script remotely with your writing partner—in real time, a much-needed feature in our digitally connected world, where transcontinental partnerships are more common than ever.

Collaboration in Final Draft 10Collaboration in Final Draft 10

More new features

In addition to the new Beat Board, Story Map, and Collaboration tools, Final Draft 10 includes:

  • Structure Points: Create your screenplay’s structure within your Final Draft file
  • Header & Footer Improvements: Add file names to your Header & Footer automatically
  • Scene Numbering Options: New and improved scene numbering options in line with industry standards
  • Revision Menu Options: Add bold to your revision sets

Final Draft 10 is available for both Mac and Windows, with discounts available for students, veterans, and industry professionals. Every purchase includes two activations so you can install Final Draft on both your desktop and laptop machines.

Want to give it a try? The company is offering a free trial of Final Draft 10 for your testing pleasure. Let us know what you think in the comments!