Fisher and Chapman is the lead North American dolly manufacturer. As a result, Panther has always been a dark horse over in Europe making cool, different, and often weird dollies and cranes that are beloved by a niche audience, however not in stock at every rental house. While Fisher and Chapman has mostly stayed out of the slider game, Panther has gone in whole-hog with the robust U-Bangi slider system, which the company has now revised to allow for two axes of movement.

Pricing has yet to be announced; U-Bangi is likely to be purchased by rental houses rather than owner/operators. However, the range of motion it opens up in complicated shots makes it something to keep in mind for upcoming shoots.

Sliders particularly excel in situations where you can't set up a normal dolly—either because the ground is too uneven or the room is too small—but you still need movement. The XY takes this one step further by letting you move the camera around on a plane, extending slider moves side-to-side and also forward and backward. 

U-bangi-slider-xy_extended-640x2842xCredit: Panther

The U-Bangi system is highly versatile, with features like rubber feet for floor mounting, a variety of tripod and head adapters, and a car mount. If you are a previous U-Bangi owner, you can upgrade your system to the XY and create a shockingly wide array of complicated camera moves without pulling the dolly off the truck.

The XY system could be particularly useful for moving in or out on the windshield for a car shot, which is tricky to do with most mounts (though we don't recommend doing it with the car in motion).

Ubs_carmountCredit: Panther

For more, check out the Panther site.

Tech Specs:

  • 48/64cm, 64/88cm, and 88/136cm pairings available
  • Longest run offers 290cm (nearly 9 feet) of movement in one slider.
  • Previous U-Bangi sliders can be upgraded