Sound can make or break your production. Dialogue, effects and music can set moods, drive story, show off character traits or set the tone for distant locations, if your sound is mixed with precision. For most projects, being able to capture good, usable audio starts on set. If you're an audiophile, you've most likely heard of Zaxcom, the award-winning company behind the Deva, Nomad, and the original innovators of digital wireless and transmitters featuring internal microSD recording for backup.

The New Jersey-based company has done it again, re-imagining the handheld microphone. And we're sure most of you reading are saying to yourself, "It's only a handheld microphone." But sometimes, the best breakthroughs that make our workflows easier are sitting right in front of us on products we use daily. 

Zaxcom ZMT3-HHZaxcom ZMT3-HHCredit: Zaxcom

Part of their "ZMT3" series, the ZMT3-HH handheld microphone can transmit audio wirelessly and through a hardwire simultaneously. Why is this a big deal? Well, you no longer have to buy or rent two different products and that in itself is fantastic. Picture being on location and for some reason you can't get the best wireless signal—maybe because of radio frequency (RF) interference. Instead of wondering if you should go wireless or hardwired, the ZMT3-HH makes the decision simpler because it has both. 

While for most narrative work, you don't use a handheld mic, the ZMT3-HH is ideal for everything from professional broadcast shows and live performances to those working on seminars, weddings, internet talk shows, video blogs, gaming videos, concerts and more.

ZMT3-HH features a fully digital wireless transmission, balanced mic level analog audio for hardwired, internal microSD recording with timecode, a programmable function button and battery life up to 14 hours, all in an ergonomically tapered design.  

Zaxcom ZMT3-HHCredit: Zaxcom

It’s fully digital wireless audio transmission features Zaxcom’s patented NeverClip, which extends the dynamic range of the microphone to 128dB, eliminating the need for a compressor that distorts the natural sound quality at high volume audio levels. To connect via hardwire, the XLR output is located on the bottom of the microphone with a rubber cap protecting it when not in use. You can go wireless or hardwired and even connect both to separate inputs as a backup recording. Additionally, an internal microSD card slot located underneath the mic capsule adds another layer of backup during recording. 

Controls are also on the bottom of the microphone and can be locked off so your talent doesn't accidentally bump one. The unit runs on a single lithium battery and a OLED displays all the important information. The ZMT3-HH is compatible with Earthworks WL40V or any Shure 1.25"/28 thread mic capsule for a variety of workflow options for your production. Availability starts this November. 


  • 100% digital wireless audio transmission
  • Balanced XLR mic level audio output
  • Integrated lighted multi color identification ring 
  • 128 dB Dynamic Range
  • Internal recording with time code
  • 14 hour battery life
  • Programmable function button (PTT, Mute, AUX channel)
  • No visible antenna
  • NeverClip 
  • ZaxNet remote control

Source: Zaxcom