Obviously, smartphones have changed the way people live their lives, but they've also greatly improved the way filmmakers approach their projects. There are so many apps out there that can do everything, including giving your phone more shooting options, monitoring your scenes, and even tracking the path of the sun to make sure you're prepared for your outdoor shoot, but Sareesh Sudhakaran of wolfcrow shares 18 of his most favorite in the video below. Check it out:

While all of these apps on the list are really helpful, some of them may not apply to you if you don't use certain cameras brands, including Panasonic, Sony, and GoPro. Aside from those, however, the rest of the apps can assist any filmmaker in exposing images, monitoring, focusing, sound, and whatever else they need. (Although, SquareFit is more of a photography app.)

  • Panasonic Imaging app
  • Sony PlayMemories
  • GoPro
  • Mavis
  • VSCO
  • CineScope
  • SquareFit
  • Field Monitor
  • Focus Chart
  • RØDE Reporter
  • Red Tools
  • ARRI Photometric
  • Lee Diffusion
  • Flashlight
  • ARRI Skypanel
  • Sun and Moon
  • iMovie

I was surprised that FiLMiC Pro wasn't on the list, since it's such a powerful app that gives you control over your smartphone's focus, exposure, white balance, variable speed zoom, and frame rate (1-240fps) settings. It's a little pricey, but it's worth every penny.

What are some of your favorite smartphone filmmaking apps? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: wolfcrow