Pomfort on-set software does a lot of different things, but one of the functions it is best known for is controlling the settings of a variety of different cameras and monitors remotely from a central station. Controlling the settings of each camera, and the look of each monitor, can be exceptionally useful when working on a complicated multi-camera show that needs to be sure a variety of cameras are in sync.

However, for the smaller productions running a single camera that might not want to invest in the full suite of remote control options, Pomfort now has Pomfort Pocket Control, a free app on iOs for remote controlling Alexa Mini and Amira cameras.

The press release and video they indicate "monitor" throughout, but it appears to simply mean monitoring settings, not monitoring the video signal. However, with a camera platform as sophisticated as the Alexa, that is still a tremendously useful functionality, especially when it comes to having a clear visual representation of all settings to help ensure that there isn't anything that is going to trip you up. Even professionals occasionally get camera settings such as shutter angle and timebase wrong, leading to disastrous effects in the footage or elaborately complicated and expensive post-production fixes, so having the ability to keep on top of those settings in an efficient manner is a boon.

Pomfort_pocket_control_app_0Credit: Pomfort

The app works via wi-fi, using ARRI’s proprietary Camera Access Protocol (CAP) and works with your iPhone or iPad device. The full set of Alexa Mini and Amira menu settings are available including the ability to control the internal ND filter, which is particularly useful as a remote option.

In conjunction with the powerful in-camera color tools that the Amira and Mini are known for, the Pocket Control app can control which look is being applied to your footage or your outputs, which is something that might dynamically change throughout the day. One simple but beneficial functionality is remote start/stop, helpful if the camera is rigged to a gimbal, crane or other out of the way place and you a simple way to roll and cut.

Nofilmschool_pomfort_pocket_control_menusCredit: Pomfort

Learn more at Pomfort's site or download on the iTunes Store.


  • Controls Alexa Mini and Amira cameras
  • Available for iOs for iPad and iPhone
  • Works via WiFi
  • Start/Stop camera control
  • Look control