Our latest batch of grants contains a sizable list of opportunities, from long-standing contests to brand-spanking new initiatives from some of the biggest funding agencies available for you, dear filmmaker, this winter 2017-2018. 

Opportunities are organized by deadline, from December through early March, and by category: documentaries, narratives, screenwriting, and new media. If you're looking for a head-start on a different granting season, check out our most recent spring grants, summer grants, and fall grants roundups. Note: An asterisk next to the grant title means there is an equivalent grant for both doc and narrative films.

As always, read the criteria carefully and use your best judgment when deciding to apply.


Kirsten JohnsonA still from Kirsten Johnson's 'Cameraperson,' a Sundance Documentary Fund recipient.Credit: Cameraperson

Pacific Pioneer Fund

For filmmakers based in California, Washington, or Oregon, this grant offers from $1,000 to $10,000 to emerging documentarians. From PPF:

To support emerging documentary filmmakers. The term "emerging" is intended to denote a person committed to the craft of making documentaries, who has demonstrated that commitment by several years—but no more than ten—of practical film or video experience. 

Deadline: December 1

The Scottish Documentary Institute Consultancies 

The Scottish Documentary Institute is rapidly becoming a renowned force behind interesting documentaries coming out of the region, so if you're based in Scotland, the Consultancies are a good way to get your foot in the door. From SDI:

Throughout the year we can offer professional consultancies to Scotland-based filmmakers and for projects (shorts and features) in development, production or distribution. Our consultants include SDI core team members as well as first rate UK based and international external advisors.

Deadline: January 5

NEH Media Production Grants

The National Endowment for the Humanities is the big daddy of government support for documentaries that address the humanities. The application process isn't easy—you need an experienced team, a non-profit organization or fiscal sponsor, two humanities advisors, and a lengthy application (Ken Burns' project descriptions are rumored to have been around 40 pages), but the payoff is worth it: one-to-three year grants in the $100,000 to $650,000 range. From NEH:

NEH encourages projects that feature multiple formats to engage the public in the exploration of humanities ideas. Film and television projects may be single programs or a series addressing significant figures, events, or ideas and drawing their content from humanities scholarship. They must be intended for national distribution. The program welcomes projects ranging in length from short-form to broadcast-length video.

Deadline: January 10

NEH Media Development Grants

Like the above production grants, the development grants are for documentaries that address topics in the humanities, and the application process is just as extensive. The awards range from $40,000 to $75,000. From NEH:

Development grants enable media producers to collaborate with scholars to develop humanities content and to prepare programs for production. Grants should result in a script or a design document and should also yield a detailed plan for outreach and public engagement in collaboration with a partner organization or organizations.

Deadline: January 10

TFI/ESPN Short Documentary Program

Do you have an idea for a short documentary that highlights an athlete or athletic initiative that benefits a larger community? You could get up to $20K towards the production or post-production of the film from this Tribeca Film Institute collaboration with ESPN. From TFI:

The TFI/ESPN Short Documentary Program supports short documentaries that elevate stories about sports-driven topics, individuals, and communities. The program serves emerging storytellers whose perspectives and backgrounds have been historically underrepresented on both sides of the camera, and will award up to $20,000 plus support and mentoring to each of the winning projects. 

Deadline: January 28

Iron-maidens-3-girlsA still from the series about the all-girl high school Robotics team titled 'Iron Maidens' which was a participant in ITVS Digital Open Call.Credit: Iron Maidens on ITVS

CAAM Documentary Fund

The Center for Asian American Media will award between $15,000 and $50,000 for public television appropriate programs. From CAAM:

With support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), CAAM provides production funding to independent producers for national public television. Documentaries are eligible for production or post-production funding and must be intended for public television broadcast.

Deadlines: February 1

Screen Australia: Documentary Development

If you're looking to develop an Australian documentary or co-production, you could get up to $30,000 for development from Screen Australia:

Screen Australia’s Documentary Development program assists experienced documentary makers to achieve planned outcomes for the development of their projects. This could include further research, writing the next draft of a script or treatment, strategic shooting and/or editing to attract marketplace development or production finance, or compiling a sizzle reel.

Deadline: February 2 (for March 23 decision)

Sundance Documentary Creative Producing Fellowship and Lab

The Sundance Institute will choose five emerging producers with projects in production or post-production to attend the Creative Producing Lab and be part of a yearlong mentorship program. From Sundance:

The core of the Creative Producing Program are its Labs that identify and nurture the independent producer. There are three different producing Labs throughout the year, depending on your area of focus: Documentary, Feature Film, and Native.

Deadline: February 15

Visions Sud Est Fund*

If you're a film based in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe and you're looking for either production or post-production support, Visions Sud Est can be good for 20,000 Swiss francs on narrative features and 10,000 Swiss francs for documentaries. From Visions Sud Est:

The Swiss fund Visions Sud Est was initiated by the Foundation trigon-film Baden and the Fribourg Film Festival, with the collaboration of Nyon's Visions du Reel and the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. It supports film productions from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe, aims at making them visible worldwide and guarantees their distribution in Switzerland.

Deadline: February 28

Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund

The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund supports 4-10 feature-length documentaries the highlight issues of social importance in the range of $10,000 to $25,000. This year, two-to-five additional grants will be provided for docs about extraordinary women. From TFI:

The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund will provide funding to 4-10 feature-length documentaries that highlight and humanize issues of social importance from around the world. Funded films will be driven by thoughtful and in-depth storytelling, bolstered by a compelling visual approach. For films, based anywhere, that are in production or post-production with the intended premiere exhibition.

Deadline: Opens December TBD, typically closes February

Derek Freese Documentary Fund

Launched to honor the memory of filmmaker Derek Freese, this finishing fund is given biennially to an independent filmmaker and provides up to $35,000. From the Derek Freese Film Foundation:

Derek Freese Documentary Fund (DFDF) provides production support for feature-length documentary films that have both a strong narrative and compelling story, across a broad spectrum of subject matters. 

Deadline: Opens January 9

Tribeca Film Institute IF/Then Short Documentary Program: Southeast Asia Pitch Competition

Are you a short documentary filmmaker originally from Southeast Asia with a film about the region? Check out this brand new short-film pitch contest! From TFI:

The winners of IF/Then pitch competitions, selected by a professional jury, will be eligible for up to $20,000 in production support from IF/Then as well as ongoing mentorship year-round, and will participate in a year-long distribution initiative managed by Tribeca Film Institute that offers creative control, revenue potential and career development.

Deadline: Opens January TBA

ITVS Open Call

If you have a work-in-progress for a standard broadcast length film, this co-production funding of $150,000 to $350,000 from ITVS is the stuff doc dreams are made from. From ITVS:

We’re looking for exceptional storytelling that’s in line with our mission: stories that take risks, tackle important issues, and are seldom seen in public media. We know how hard you’ve worked on your project, and we’ll partner with you to help you finish it, then distribute it on public television. 

Deadline: Opens January 8

Hooligansparrow-2A still from Nanfu Wang's 'Hooligan Sparrow' a recipient of the Bertha BRITDOC Journalism Fund.Credit: Hooligan Sparrow

ITVS Digital Open Call

Do you have a fiction, non-fiction, linear, transmedia, or any kind of digital series that is still in pre-production? You could get a development agreement to make it happen. From ITVS:

We’re looking for exceptional stories on any subject. We provide up to $30,000 in research and development funding to help you take your original digital content idea to the pilot stage for distribution on public media. 

Deadline: Opens January 29

Sundance Documentary Fund

A core component of Sundance's Documentary Film Program, this competitive grant looks for artful films about relevant topics, and it can get you $20,000 to $50,000, depending on the application type (Development, Production/PostProduction, Audience Engagement). From the Sundance Institute:

The Sundance Documentary Fund provides grants to filmmakers worldwide for projects that display: artful film language, effective storytelling, originality and feasibility, contemporary cultural relevance, and potential to reach and connect with its intended audience. Preference is given to projects that convey clear story structure, higher stakes and contemporary relevance, forward going action or questions, demonstrated access to subjects, and quality use of film craft.

Deadline: Rolling

The Fledgling Fund for Documentary Film Outreach and Engagement

If your documentary has the potential to make a difference when it comes to an important issue, the Fledgling Fund will support outreach and audience engagement strategies to an average $10,000 to $25,000. From the Fledgling Fund:

Grants support outreach and engagement for social issue documentary film and other storytelling projects that have the potential to inspire positive social change around issues that affect the most vulnerable.

Deadline: Rolling

The Bertha BRITDOC Documentary Journalism Fund

This new fund offers £10,000 to 50,000 to doc filmmakers from any country in a mix of grants and investments. From BRITDOC:

The fund supports projects at the intersection of film and investigative journalism that break the important stories of our time, expose injustice, and bring attention to unreported issues, and cameras into regions previously unseen.

Deadline: Rolling


Last-black-man-in-san-francisco-photosA still from SFFILM/Rainin Filmmaking grant recipient, 'The Last Black Man in San Francisco' directed by Joe Talbot.Credit: The Last Black Man in San Francisco Official Site

ScreenCraft Film Fund*

Now accepting shorts, features, documentaries, or series, if you’ve got a script or are in early stages of production, you could score up to $30,000 in financing and production services. From ScreenCraft:

In partnership with BondIt Media Capital, a film & media fund based in Beverly Hills, ScreenCraft is offering two production grants per year to talented filmmakers for narrative features, short films and TV pilot series scripts and documentaries that display originality, vision & exceptional potential. Grant amounts will vary from $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the scale and merit of each project. This program includes creative development from the ScreenCraft team and production guidance and resources from BondIt Media Capital and Buffalo 8 Productions.

Deadline: December 1

Big Vision Empty Wallet Kickstart Diversity Program

If you have a TV or film project ready to be developed on which the writer, director, or producer is a woman, person of color, or member of the LGBTQ community, consider applying for this BVEW opportunity. From BVEW:

In 2018, we will select 5-10 Big Vision Fellows and spend the year developing feature films and series with them through a fun and rigorous program. Fellows will meet with the Big Vision team once monthly (in person and virtually for those not in NYC) and will receive access to exclusive pitch opportunities throughout the year.  All of the projects that we choose to develop together will be produced by Big Vision Creative and the Big Vision team.  We will provide access to network mandates so we are consistently developing TV projects that are set up for success, and share our extensive relationships with production companies, sales agents, casting directors, and distributors with participants developing feature films.

Deadline: December 31 (early), January 31 (late)

Film Independent AbelCine Camera Grant

Are you or someone on your team an LA Film Fest alum or FIND Fellow, and want to shoot with a top-notch ARRI, Canon, Panasonic, RED, or Sony camera package? From FIND:

The AbelCine Camera Grant is a program for Film Independent Fellows, alumni of the LA Film Festival and Film Independent Spirit Award Nominees. Film Independent will select a qualified filmmaker who will be loaned a digital camera package (based on availability) to use for his or her feature film production or web series.

Deadline: January 1

Film Independent Fast Track 2017/Sloan Fast Track Grant

This three day film financing market held during the LA Film Festival could be what you need to get your film off the ground. Not to mention, one producer will get an extra $20,000 if chosen for the Alfred P. Sloan Producer's Grant. From FIND:

During three days of intensive meetings with top executives, financiers, agents, managers, distributors, granting organizations and production companies, participants gain valuable exposure and build vital relationships as they propel their films towards completion.

Deadline: January 9 (non-members); January 23 (members)

The Film Fund

Back for its second year, this initiative will award up to $10,000 to a filmmaker with the best one-sentence idea for a short film. From Thomas Verdi of The Film Fund:

Starting out as an independent filmmaker not based in Los Angeles or New York, I found myself struggling to raise financing and find resources for my film projects, and it appeared that many contests were dominated by those who already had industry experience or access to better resources and crew. The Film Fund is designed to level the funding field, as no advantage is given to entrants based on industry experience. Effective storytellers should be able to succinctly convey the vision they have for their projects, and that is the basis of the contest.

Deadline: Opens December 4, Closes February 26

Americano_framegrab_select_-_10A still from last year's winner of the Film Fund, 'Americano.'Credit: The Film Fund

LEF Moving Image Fund: Production & Post-Production  

Specifically for New England filmmakers with film budgets under $400,000, the LEF Moving Image Fund supports original and creative films. From LEF:

The strongest proposals will be those that clearly articulate the ways in which the proposed project embodies the program’s funding criteria. A maximum of (6) grants of $15,000 each will be awarded to projects in the production phase during LEF’s major grants review. A maximum of (3) grants of $25,000 each will be awarded to projects in the post-production phase during LEF’s major grants review. In order to be eligible for Post-Production support, the project for which you are applying must have received previous LEF support. 

Deadline: January 26

SFFILM/Westridge Development Grant

A new fund from SFFILM, this initiative supports the development of narrative feature films that tackle important issues of our time, and will dole out four to five grants up to $25K, among other benefits. From SFFILM:

In addition to financial support, recipients receive a range of benefits through SFFILM's comprehensive and dynamic artist development programs, as well as support and feedback from SFFILM and Westridge Foundation staff. The SFFILM / Westridge Grant is open to US-based filmmakers whose stories take place in the United States. All grantees will spend one week in the Bay Area attending a programmed retreat geared towards honing their craft, strengthening their scripts, and making connections to other filmmakers and industry professionals. Travel and accommodation for the retreat will be provided.

Deadline: February 2 (Regular), February 23 (Late)

SFFILM/Rainin Filmmaking Grant

If you plan to tackle a social justice issue in a meaningful and creative way, you should apply to this grant from the largest granting body for independent narrative feature films in the US. Development and Post-Production grants can be up to $25K, with Production Grants at around $75K, in addition to other support like the 6-month FilmHouse residency. From SFFILM:

The SFFILM / Rainin Filmmaking Grants program provides meaningful support to projects that benefit and uplift the Bay Area filmmaking community in a professional and economic capacity. The grant is open to filmmakers internationally whose films explore social justice and can commit to spending time developing the work in San Francisco, with priority given to Bay Area based filmmakers.Please note: Post-production funding is now open to films without Bay Area spending but that exemplify the strongest social justice storytelling.

Deadline: February 2 (Regular), February 23 (Late)

The_light_of_the_moon_sxsw_-_publicity_-_h_2017A still from 'The Light of the Moon' by Jessica M. Thompson, a participant in Big Vision Empty Wallet's Kickstart Diversity incubator program.Credit: The Light of the Moon

Sundance Episodic Story Lab

This will be the fourth year of the Episodic Story Lab, and will choose writers/filmmakers with an original episodic pilot for a six-day fellowship. From Sundance:

The Sundance Institute Episodic Lab is a six-day program at the Sundance Resort in Utah that offers writers the opportunity to workshop an original pilot script, while developing their writing and pitching skills. Working with accomplished showrunners, non-writing creative producers and executives, the Fellows participate in one-on-one story meetings, pitching sessions, and simulated writers rooms, which together provide creative and strategic keys to success.

Deadline: Opens February 15, closes March 15

Sundance Feature Film Creative Producing Fellowship and Lab

The Sundance Institute will choose five emerging producers with projects in pre-production to attend the Feature Film Creative Producing Lab, the Creative Producing Summit, and the Sundance Film Festival, as well as receive $10,000 in stipends and yearlong mentorship. From Sundance:

The core of the Creative Producing Program are its Labs that identify and nurture the independent producer. There are three different producing Labs throughout the year, depending on your area of focus: Documentary, Feature Film, and Native.

Deadline: February 6

Screen Australia’s Feature Film Production Program

If you're an Australian-based filmmaker, you have got to get in touch with Screen Australia. The government film agency throws down major funds for low-budget features, documentaries, and large format programs, including up to 65% of your feature film budget if it meets the criteria. From Screen Australia:

Screen Australia’s Feature Film Production program aims to support a diverse slate of Australian films for theatrical release that entertain and enlighten domestic and international audiences while reflecting the unique characteristics of Australian identity.

Deadline: December 1 (March decision), January 22 (April decision)

Doha Film Institute Grants Programme

The Doha Institute is around to seek out new cinematic voices from Qatar as well as from around the world. Grants for Qatar-based filmmakers are rolling, and the international applicant deadline is below. You can apply for funding for development, production, or pre-production depending on where you are a MENA or non-MENA application (Middle East and North Africa.) From the DFIGP:

The Institute’s approach is to champion projects whose thrust is to explore, expand and cultivate authentic storytelling, with a keen interest in propelling forward contemporary work that demonstrates a deep understanding of the specific possibilities of the medium of cinema. The Programme provides creative and financial assistance to filmmakers from Qatar, and to first- and second-time filmmakers from around the globe.

Deadline: Opens January 10, closes January 28

Bureau of Creative Works Short Film Grant*

Returning for its second year, the Bureau is commissioning 12 creative short films, of any genre, that can be made on a small budget between $1,000 to $3,000. From the Bureau

Each year, The BUREAU provides 12 filmmakers with a grant to produce an original, low-budget short film, these films premiere to an engaged and highly invested audience of film-enthusiasts.

Deadline: March 1

Panavision's New Filmmaker Program

If you are a student or a low-budget indie maker, Panavision might supply you with free camera packages. From Panavision:

The New Filmmaker Program loans film or digital camera packages (based on availability) to filmmakers for student thesis films, “low-budget” independent features, showcase reels, Public Service Announcements, or any other type of short not-for-profit project.

Deadline: Rolling



Script Pipeline Great Movie Idea Contest

If you have a catchy logline, synopsis, or video pitch, you could win $1K and pitch development. From Script Pipeline:

For the winner, Script Pipeline provides additional development assistance to refine the pitch, or help the writer draft a polished screenplay. At that point, we circulate the material top studio producers, including execs from Lakeshore Entertainment (Age of Adaline), Good Fear Film + Management (Rings), Vinson Films (Journey to the Center of the Earth), Madhouse Entertainment (Prisoners), QC Entertainment (Get Out), and other major companies looking for new concepts. Note that all entrants, including the winner and runner-up, retain the rights to their submission.

Deadline: December 10

ScreenCraft Short Story Contest

If you've got a short story with cinematic potential, you could win $1,000 and introduction to a plethora of literary agents. From Screencraft:

Our jury is looking for short stories (not scripts) with special cinematic potential. Whether you’re writing flash fiction or a novella, we want to read your story! The grand prize winner will receive $1,000 and personal introductions to literary agents, managers, producers and publishers. The top 5 finalists will be read by our network of over 40 literary and entertainment industry professionals.

Deadline: December 16

ScreenCraft Family Screenplay Contest

If you have a family-friendly script, you could win $1000 and an in-person introduction to a literary manager. From ScreenCraft:

Calling all family-friendly feature film screenplays! Families are the most influential moviegoing audience, yet there’s a surprising lack of high-quality films that appeal to the WHOLE family. This contest avoids the genre-bias of some other contests by seeking exclusively screenplays that are life-affirming stories of faith, courage, hope and love. Whether you have a family drama, comedy, animation, or action-adventure film, WE WANT TO READ YOUR SCRIPT. 

Deadline: December 30

Script Pipeline Screenwriting Contest

Want $25K and script circulation from this longstanding competition? Check out Script Pipeline:

Now in its 16th year, the Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition seeks talented writers and exceptional screenplays to connect with production companies, agencies, and managers. Launched in 2003 as part of the early wave of screenwriting contests, Script Pipeline continues to cultivate relationships with the industry’s top executives, focused specifically on finding writers representation, supporting diverse voices, championing marketable, unique storytelling, and pushing more original projects into production.

Deadline: December 31 (pre-registration), March 1 (early deadline)

Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

This contest offers $20,000 in prizes and introductions to executives, agents, and other potentially important industry contacts. From BHSC:

The Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest is an international screenwriting competition dedicated to discovering and showcasing the work of the world’s best new emerging screenwriters in the city globally recognized as the center of the movie and television industries.  We celebrate and share your passion for storytelling by helping to advance the careers of talented screenwriters, connecting our winners with working industry producers, agents, managers, and development executives. 

Deadline: January 10 (Final)

Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition

A popular screenwriting competition now in its 20th year, first prize gets $10K, and genre winners get $500 a pop. From Scriptapalooza:

From choosing our judges to creating opportunities, our top priority has always been the writer. We surround ourselves with reputable and successful companies, including the many producers, literary agents, and managers who read your scripts. Our past winners have won Emmys, been signed by agents, managers, had their scripts optioned, and even made into movies. But the most important prize of all is this: Scriptapalooza will promote, pitch, and push the Semifinalists and higher for a full year. No other competition in the world does that.

Deadline: January 5 (Early), March 8 (Regular)

Killing_season_stillA still from 'Killing Season,' winner of the Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition.Credit: Script Pipeline

Nickelodeon Writing Program

Now introducing an additional preschool track, this writing program gives you a salaried position for a year as you get hands-on experience writing specs and pitching stories. From Nickelodeon:

The Nickelodeon Writing Program offers emerging television writers from around the world a paid opportunity to develop their craft and launch their careers. While in the Program, writers hone their skills, build a professional network and gain real-world experience in writers’ rooms for our critically acclaimed live-action and animated shows. The General Track is a 12-month commitment. The Preschool track offers the same talent development opportunities with a focus on Nick Jr. content.  The Preschool Track is a 6-month commitment.

Deadline: Opens January 2, Closes January 31

SFFILM/Westridge Screenwriting Grant

A new fund from SFFILM, the screenwriting component of this initiative aims to get you capital and a completed screenplay at the end of the program. From SFFILM:

Grants to filmmakers in the screenwriting phase range between $20,000 and  $25,000, and are awarded to writers or writer/directors  who have at least one draft of their screenplay completed. The expectation is that, at the end of the six-month grant period, screenwriting grantees will have a final or nearly-final draft of their script completed.

Deadline: Opens February 2, closes February 23

SFFILM/Rainin Screenwriting Grant

If you plan to tackle a social justice issue in a meaningful and creative way, you should apply to this grant which is the largest granting body for independent narrative feature films in the US. From SFFILM:

These grants range between $10,000 and $25,000 to support writers develop their screenplay in the Bay Area, including a two month FilmHouse residency with peer and established mentorship engagement. Screenplays must tackle social justice issues.

Deadline: Opens February 2, closes February 23

ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship

In its 5th year, ScreenCraft's Screenwriting Fellowship offers winners an all-expense paid trip to Hollywood and three months of one-on-one consultations with the ScreenCraft staff and mentors, and meetings with lit agents. From ScreenCraft:

The chosen recipients will receive ongoing professional support and a special trip to Los Angeles for meetings and introductions to key entertainment executives, producers and representatives...Past ScreenCraft Fellowship winners have optioned their projects and signed with top representatives at 3 Arts Entertainment, United Talent Agency, Creative Artists Agency, Anonymous Content, Paradigm Talent Agency, ICM, Bellevue Productions, Plattform and more.

Deadline: March 1

New Media


The Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance

Looking for investment in your super cool VR project? Comprised of 47 VR investors who hold investment meetings every two months in San Francisco or Beijing, the VRCVA could be of interest:

We invest in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed reality startups of any size from anywhere around the world. We meet six times a year with our base of operations out of Beijing and San Francisco. Our network spans the entire globe, so it doesn't matter where you are, as long as you are doing something game-changing, we want to help you realize your dream. We are not searching for the next technology revolution because it is already here. We are searching for the next entrepreneur to lead it.

Deadline: January TBD


A competitive initiative from the National Endowment of the Arts, awards range from $10K-$100K and must have a 501c3 organization that can apply. (Fiscal sponsors do not count.) From the NEA:

The National Endowment for the Arts is committed to support activities that reflect the dynamic, diverse, and evolving nature of the media arts field. Applicants may apply in this Art Works category for media arts projects that support creation, exhibition, education, and distribution of historic and contemporary artworks in all genres and forms that use electronic media, film and technology (analog & digital; old and new) as an artistic medium or a medium to broaden arts appreciation and awareness (of any discipline). All genres are welcome to apply; all phases of project support are eligible.

Deadline: February 15

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation New Media Grants

If you have a film that incorporates all that is cool about science and you have a fiscal sponsor that can accept the award for you (like the Sloan-funded VR film about LIGO) like this New Media grant could be worth exploring. From Sloan:

Program goal: Advance public understanding and engagement with science through the support of innovative projects that use a range of media to reach a broad, cross-cultural audience. Grants support both traditional and web-native media that fall outside the other Public Understanding programs. Supported media types include opera, dance, music, museum exhibits, interactive games, smartphone apps, ebooks, web-native video, conferences, art and science festivals, and other cultural events.

Deadline: Rolling

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Featured image from Kirsten Johnson's 'Cameraperson,' a Sundance Documentary Fund recipient.