Excluding star wipes and other similar editorial disasters, creative transitions are not only great for smoothing out the rough edges in between shots and scenes but for adding lots of style and flavor to your work. And yes, we all know that most NLEs offer a selection of less than stellar options to choose from, but guess what—you can always choose to make one instead. In this tutorial, Peter McKinnon shows you how to pull off a ridiculously simple technique for creating your own unique transitions in-camera.

The thing I love about transitions is that, depending on what they do and how they work, they can pack in so much style into such a small space—I mean, most transitions are what, a couple of frames long? They're so incredibly efficient at what they do, and if you've got an eye for creative camera work, you can do so much with the technique McKinnon demonstrated in the video.

Now, if you're making a narrative film, nine times out of ten your transitions are going to be a simple cut. Nothing fancy. If you're making a music video, commercial, or avant-garde piece, however, you might employ these creative transitions more often. That's why this method is so dope because the transition options NLEs give you are—not the best, but if you know that a crazy camera move can produce a great, unique transition, then you'd probably ditch the star wipes and go straight for something that you made with your own camera.

Source: Peter McKinnon