The Sundance Institute and Canon USA, an official sponsor of the Sundance Film Festival, have provided No Film School with comprehensive data on the cameras and lenses used by filmmakers screening at the 2018 festival. Of the 247 movies that provided data, only three shot on film. 

And there are other surprises. "I'm shocked at just how insanely dominant ARRI is over even RED," says No Film School's tech writer Charles Haine. 15 films reported shooting with a RED camera, as opposed to the 90 which shot with an ARRI.

"The single solitary Panasonic listing is a surprise," continued Haine. "I would've thought Varicam would be more present, but I bet we'll see that change next year with EVA1. Also, in VR, only one project on Ozo? Crazy."

This year’s festival edition includes films from 47 first-time directors, representing 29 countries.


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