Kyno is designed to be the last footage browser you would ever need. While that doesn't sound like much (you can, after all, just browse your footage in your NLE, or fire up Resolve for free), Kyno offers some benefits by being a dedicated tool that is designed specifically to speed up the process of organizing your footage. It also offers XML linking into your NLE to keep your metadata and tags created in Kyno as you move into the editing process.

Getting its original foothold with users in news and documentary, Kyno is growing to a wider audience for simply making those first steps of footage organization faster before you dig into the longer steps of breakdown and assembly.

The newest release of Kyno, revision 1.4, is out this week, and for the first time, Kyno is available on a Windows platform as well as the previous OSX version.

This version also has two key improvements that are going to help tremendously as Kyno looks to expand from news and documentary into the narrative space. First, LUT support, which is a must considering the frequency of Log workflows used by modern cameras to get extra latitude into video containers. Kyno 1.4 offers LUT support both for preview and for transcoding dailies, which opens up the tool to the host of shooters who need this feature to even consider its implementation on set and in the edit room. 

Screen_shot_2018-01-05_at_6Credit: Kyno

The second is the move into CineForm support for transcodes. While Apple ProRes has dominated the industry as a codec for more than a decade, many users are leaving Apple now and thus there is a hunt for other codecs that can provide the same robustness and universal appeal as ProRes but can be read/written on Windows and Linux machines.

DNx from Avid is a popular choice, but it hasn't quite become the standard, and with GoPro pushing CineForm hard, it stands a real chance to become the third codec option and the one with the widest support. Recent revisions of Resolve have incorporated it more deeply, and seeing it in Kyno is a welcome feature as we consider the post-Apple post house.

Screen_shot_2018-01-05_at_6Credit: Kyno

Still no word on RAW support, but once that arrives Kyno will be a great tool for saving time at the start of your post process and on set before post even begins. 30-day free trial at

Tech Specs:

  • LUT support for preview and export
  • 10 bit CineForm export
  • Windows version
  • Timecode Burn In
  • Clip combine