A heads up for the Panasonic VariCam LT users out there: starting February 19, Version 6 firmware will add support for live and "near live" multi-cam use, which is good news for productions in television, concerts or web-based multi-cam talk shows. The software will also introduce a new shading mode and functionality for tally and return video management where you’ll have full control of the cameras using the AK-HRP1000 remote control panel (RCP).

For the uninitiated, shading is the method to make sure all the cameras have a consistent look in blacks, whites, chromas, and so on, for a broadcast production. In other words, it's how multiple cameras are matched so when you’re watching your favorite sports team or a game show, it’s not jarring. Shading is similar to color grading footage from two different cameras in post to match. This new VariCam LT firmware update will allow for either broadcast shading or coloring grading workflows.

Shading mode does provide an option to record V-log in-camera and perform live in-camera color correction. Since the Super-35 camera has two SDI outputs for HD broadcast, you can send out two different signals—one for broadcast/recording, the other for monitoring.

VariCam LTAK-HRP1000 RCP & VariCam LTCredit: Panasonic

The AK-HRP1000 RCP will include full paint features, scene file selection, remote REC control and call function. You can connect a computer to upload LUTs using live grading software like Pomfort, Colorfont, Firefly and Codex as well. 

According to Panasonic, "near live" productions can record internally on each VariCam LT in 4K or HD 4:4:4 in AVC-Ultra or ProRes and match back to the live switch, allowing for adjustments in the edit as well as the option for precise final image grading in post-production. Panasonic also included a new "live mode" fan setting to reduce fan noise when not recording internally. 

You'll be able to download the new firmware starting Feb. 19 here.