When drones first gained popularity and made it into the hands of filmmakers, we started seeing videos capturing incredible perspectives and subjects that would've never been possible, from beautiful fjords in Norway to skiers tearing down mountains at night wearing colorful LED suits. But perhaps one of the most interesting vantage points that drones pilots have taken us to is dead center amidst dazzling fireworks displays. Filmmaker Zui Tao did just that by flying over one in Yunnan, China...and then reversing the footage in post, resulting in something that is absolutely spectacular.

A DJI Phantom 4 Pro was used to capture this stunning fireworks display, which was commemorating the Chinese New Year. That alone would've made a pretty cool video, but the fact that all of the footage is played in reverse just gives it a little extra something special. Seriously, I might play this video on my TV while I do yoga because it's so entrancing.

Let's get real, I don't do yoga. But stillI think I've made my point clear that I think the video is cool.

Source: Perfect_Tz