The XXIII Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony kicked off in Pyeongchang, South Korea in the wee hours of Friday morning, with 2,952 athletes from 92 countries set to compete in this year's Winter Games. Capturing their accomplishments will be an international video production army working to broadcast that coverage to the world. Let's face it: where would the Olympics be without us?

According to KVOA, the NBC operation for the 2018 Winter Olympics, which will air live across all time zones for the very first time, consists of 1800 American employees and over 100 shipping containers of equipment. That's a lot of coaxial cable! To get you excited for this year's coverage of those frosty winter games being captured by our comrades-with-cameras, here are some behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos.

First up, this short clip from the Australian Sports Commission. What's the most interesting part of watching the Olympics? Most people would say, knowing an athletes personal story and then watching it unfold on the world stage. And how would we know about any of the athletes if not for the profiles? Take a look at a photo-shoot with athletes competing this 2018.

For a look at video coverage of American Olympic athletes from the 2016 Rio Olympics, courtesy of Black Label Content.

All of these winter games tend to get people excited about winter sports, especially those featuring all the fresh powder! Here's a BTS form DGTL concepts get you excited about filming snow sports. It's not related to the Winter Olympics, but it captures the imagination of what a run-and-gun set up should be for filming in snow-capped mountains!

Our Olympic BTS list would be remiss if we didn't include this super cool video from Eight VFX on the VFX breakdown of I, Tonya. The unbelievable story ripped from the historical playbook of that Olympic mainstay, figure skating, the film received three Oscar nominations, one of which was for Best Editing. Take a look at the VFX process alone to get some inspiration! Eight VFX's Juliet Tierney described their work in an interview with Art of VFX

"We knew we needed to be on set for all the skating sequences, so we had a VFX team of three on the shoot, to put up tracking markers, set up witness cameras, scan the stadiums, etc. After the shoot before receiving shots, we had a prep period of over a month to process and create the CG head model of Margot, build the stadiums in CG, and start creating and animating CG people for the crowd."

Lastly, here's an unedited BTS video shot by a CBS employee that proves how far we've come since the Albertville 1992 Olympics! Although, that treadmill...

Have you ever worked a live event on a scale similar to that of the Olympic Games? Please share what the experience was like!

Header Image courtesy 'Behind-the-Scenes at the Olympic Channel.'