JOBY's GorillaPods are super popular and super useful. You can wrap the arms around a pole or tree branch to shoot from a sweet POV, you can spread the arms a bit to create a tabletop tripod for stable shooting, or you can keep the arms straight (like a boring person) and use it like a big, bubbly selfie stick. Whether you're thinking about buying one or have had yours for years, there might be some positions in which you've never thought to put a GorillaPod, but this video from Tausif Hussain will show you five clever setups that will not only make your rig easier to maneuver but will also help you capture more cinematic camera movements.

Here are the five different positions Hussain demonstrates in the video:

  • The Handle Rig
  • The Vlogger
  • The Jib Effect
  • The Gimbal Effect
  • The Shoulder Rig

This is what makes rigs with articulating arms so great: you can bend them into tons of different shapes that make capturing a particular shot a whole lot easier. I personally don't have a GorillaPod, but I do have an ActionPod (Dinkum Systems), which is a single articulating arm with a heavy duty clamp on one end and a 1/4" -20 screw on the other. It doesn't have multiple arms with which to bend into a sweet shoulder rig or tabletop jib, so you're kind of limited to turning it into a pistol grip stabilizer (or clamping it to a surface). 

That's why rigs with multiple arms are so useful because they let you get creative with their positioning. And now that JOBY has come out with the GorillaPod Rig, which has two extra arms for mounting small accessories (lights, GoPros, etc.), there are potentially even more positions you could bend this thing into. 

What are your favorite GorillaPod positions? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Tausif Hussain